PuHàng rào điện tử xung lse Electronic Fence

New Smart Pulse Electronic Fence
◎Zone address setting
◎Fiber optic communications
◎Operating status LED display
◎high and low voltage switching
◎Control and manage 255 areas at the same time, base on RS485 communication or LAN.
◎Multi-point control capability, can cotrolled online by 5 keyboards at the same time.
◎DC12V NO/NC dry contact output, can match with varies of modren security products.
◎Built-in buzzer siren, Varies of alarms with different tweet frequency to remind.

Power Supply DC12V/3A
Operating Environment -25~+55℃; Humidity: ≤95%
Communication Way RS485
Back-up Battery DC12V/4.5AH Lead; Battery(Additional)
Shell Material ABS
IP Level IPV4
Alarm Type Short,Break; Tamper; Outage; Fault; Communication Failure Output.
Peak High Voltage Output 3KV~5.4KV(Adjustable)
Peak Low Voltage Output 0.8kv-1.2kv(Adjustable)
Peak Pulse Current <10A
Pulse Duration ≤0.1s
Pulse Interval Time 1.5s
Max Output Electric Quantity Per Pulse 2.5mC
Max Output Energy Per Pulse ≤5.0J
System Power Consumption Single Zone≤10W; Double Zone≤15w

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